How serious are you about your learning skills?

Self learning pirates and education misfits - welcome home! Tudor from experimentQ here and I am so excited you are joining our learning community. Can't wait to see you succeed in mastering new skills! 🥳 

[Kit] Meta Learning

7-day audit of your learning habits, using a proven technique, simple online log and support via comments.
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[Kit] Learning Navigator

Master a new skill via this 30-day learning challenge, featuring a daily tracker and weekly peer accountability video calls.
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[Kit] Learning Pirates

A simple yet powerful framework for leaders of small to medium organisations willing to build a high impact yet agile learning culture.
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EQ Misfits

Join a thriving community of like-minded people with a strong passion for learning and laser focus to achieve mastery of various skills. 


What do you mean by Learning Kit?

View each kit as a backpack of tools or superpowers. We summarised the best of what works when it comes to "learning how to learn", but ultimately is up to you to put these kits to work and create new learning habits. 

What's the science behind your courses?

During our EQ Studio projects and the Podcast, we worked with and interviewed over 100 practitioners and researchers designing new learning programs and pushing the limits of what's possible. This course page is a minimalistic summary of what we learned from them.  

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can ask for a refund within 7 days from your purchase date, for any payment made on EQ course platform. No questions asked... expect some casual feedback ;)